Monday, November 06, 2006

Moon Over Seoul

"Moon over Seoul" was the name of a popular TV show in the nineties, on which my best buddy Robert was the 'token white guy'- and apparently had a bit of a following of his own.

Here's to you, Robert.

Sorry for the lens artifacts ('flaring') visible to the right of the building. Too lazy these days to do any photoshopping.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Dempish, well vestilated place

This was taken from the 'cheese information board' at a local Carrefour supermarket, shortly after the French superchain was nationalized into a Korean company called 'Homever'. I was worried that the nationalization would bring about many changes, such as the removal of many imported items like cheese, and with it, this fabulous information plaque. I wasn't able to get a good single shot of the whole board, employees kept coming by to try and stop me from photographing this; apparently they were worried that a European-looking man might try to steal the "secrets of How to Eating more Delicious Cheese"....
Please enjoy this purloined dairy information deliciously....and don't forget that Giving cheese after Sweet things is Very, Very Bad....