Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Had my cake....and I 'et' it too!

This is a picture of a typical Slovenian pastry called Kremna Rezina, sort of a custard cream cake, topped by filo leaves and powdered sugar. It is served at the lakeside resort of Bled, a beautiful location with an island church in the middle of a lake, towered over by a fairytale castle. Schweppes bitter lemon optional (I washed mine down with Laska Pivo - the local brew!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Save from What??

the lifesaver of a vaporetto is a little ironic; the canals of venice are so full of human waste material that I doubt this device could prevent you from the real problem of falling in the water: human caca

Monday, June 23, 2008


hot, hot, hot....definately a ten-beer day on the canals

Stinkin Canals of Venice

Photo taken just moments before a fight breaks out between English kayakers and Gondoliers in the stinking green waters of Venice. The Gondoliers, who regularly make about 100-200 Euros per hour, are a sort of trade union, and no longer do their own singing - rather they contract out for musicians. Most of them are middle aged and distinctly middle class, and they pretty much act as if they own the waterways - so when freebooters (or is that freeboaters?) like these pull into the waterways there is inevitably friction.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coming in to the city by vaporetto

approaching St. Marc's square...


I caught this lovely combination of skin and fabric pattern on a lady's arm on the shuttle bus goıng to the Easyjet airplane on the way to Venice. Im not sure she understood my intentıon to photograph more than just the tatoo itself.

The Pıcture speaks for ıtself.....

on the wall at Schonefeld airport, berlin - makes you wonder what fundamentalist 'hellfire and brimstone' preachers would make of this


A typical superclean German street in the East German side of Berlin, giving only scant evidence of last nights solstice revelings.....this shot taken only meters away from the Reichstag on the river Spree

Where the rivers are clean, and you can...into the stream

Like that old Firesign Theater song goes,

Im back from the Shadows again

Where an Injun can be your best friend

Where the rivers are clean,

and you can PEE into the stream

Im back from the shadows again.

Since its probably a capitol (pun intended) offence, I wont tell you what I did from an overhanging bridge involving the beautiful River Speer in Berlin. This is a picture of the crime scene which is just a two minute walk from the famous Reichstag....

Noısy Dreams

When I went to sleep ın thıs Berlin Kunsthotel, I had just finished walking around all night and thus my dreams seemed to have a strange effect on the room.... thıs place was quıte a bargaın for 50 Euros even though ıt had a shared bathroom

mystery image

I think you, dear reader, can guess What this is, and Where this is, even though my LUMIX portable totally sucks at night shots. The question for my viewers is,

How large is the structure? Bigger or smaller than the Arc de Triomphe or the Washington Square Arch? Which vehicles would/would not fit through the portals?

and, far from Hitlers former bunker site is it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

High over Mongolia

The distinctive wingtips of an Air Berlin Airbus 330 from Shanghai to Dusseldorf (where I left 8 packets of kimchi rushing to make the connection to Berlin) make a nice contrast with the vast plains of western Mongolia