Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wow, a long time between posts!

For those (three) people in the audience, let me apologize for the delay in posting- just losing momentum, I guess. A lot of friends are pressuring me to join Face-Book, and the only reason I can possibly come up with for doing so is to drive more traffic to this site....why? Not sure. I'm just not the Facebook type, and obviously, not the regular blog type, either. Too busy with my other hobbies (plants, movies, and wasting time) to do something like this. But I'll continue to string out these photos....
By the way, the last picture was a SUNRISE in PAGAN, one of you gets half a point for guessing that, and Angkor wat was a reasonable guess.

here's some odd bit of packaging I came across in Korea... No, they're not medicine, or even antacid tabs, but breath mints.

Next posting will be pictures of Rabbit In The Moon, a music/performance group.